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Uma with her cycle - At Present

Meet Uma

Today, Uma Kanwar (age 12) is going to school. Her eyes sparkle as she talks about her school, friends and teachers.

One year ago, Uma Kanwar could not have imagined this.  She would walk 5-7 hours per day in scorching heat to collect water for her family.    Thanks to her family’s brand new rainwater harvesting tank, her family now has clean water year round.  Her mother has planted grains for income generation using a water-smart farming method known as Khadin.  Now Uma’s  mother will be able to fund Uma’s education through her own effort.

Uma is grateful to receive the gift of education and is determined to complete high school.

OneProsper ensures that each girl gets the support she needs to attend school. She and her family receive:

  • A rainwater harvesting tank
  • Training in sustainable farming
  • Seeds to grow food and cash crops
  • Tuition and school supplies
  • A bicycle to take her to and from school

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