Meet Kamala,
the next girl on the OneProsper waiting list.

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When the crowdfunding total reaches 820USD, OneProsper will use the funds to purchase and set up:

Rainwater Harvesting tank 260
Biosand Filter 30
Khadin (farming dyke) 260
Fruit Tree Saplings & Vegetable Seeds 75
Bicycle 70
School Supplies 25
Tuition (1 year) 25
Field Staff Expense and Administration 75
Total 820

Kamala’s Story

Meet Kamala, the next girl on the OneProsper waiting list

15 Year old Kamala lives in the Thar Desert with her parents and 2 siblings.

Kamala begins her day at 6:00 am.  She spends 5-7 hours per day helping her mother to collect water for their family.  This means braving 45 degree Celsius temperatures during the summer and hot desert winds.

Kamala’s parents are small farmers.  They eke out a living by growing millet on their farmland and by raising goats and cows.   Kamala aspires to become a teacher and work in her village; educating the next generation.

With your support; Kamala will be able to realize her aspirations.

100% of your donation supports:

Clean Water

We build the girl’s family a rainwater harvesting tank so she doesn’t spend her days collecting water.


We teach women beneficiaries water-smart farming methods that replenish depleting groundwater while doubling crop yields.

Tuition & Supplies

We provide girls with bicycles, school supplies and tuition.

Did you know?

0 % of your donation
goes towards girls education. Our operating expenses are covered by private donors.
Every $1 becomes $ 0
thanks to a generous family foundation that matches every sponsorship dollar.
See 0 % of the difference
as OneProsper updates you with news and photos of each girl you sponsor.

Success Stories

Meet some of the girls whose lives were changed by your generosity.

“OneProsper is a shining example of how people can make a positive difference in the lives of so many if they are just willing to take action and commit to change.”


Mr. John Gaurino

Past President of Coca-Cola Canada Limited

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