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Can Change the Future

When you give to OneProsper, you are making an investment in a girl, a family, and a community, transforming the future to one of hope, optimism, and prosperity.

How Your Donation Is Used

From building water infrastructure to providing bicycles, school supplies, and more, your donation to Project Parivartan is an investment to transform families’ lives. Here’s a breakdown of what your donation funds:

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Clean Water & Transportation

With $90 USD, we can provide families with 1 biosand filter to provide them with clean water, or 2 bicycles for girls to commute to school.

Education & Nutrition Starter Kit

$300 USD funds each family’s first year of school supplies and tuition for two girls, as well as vegetable seeds and fruit tree saplings.

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How to Help-Donate-How-1080×1080-560 USD

Basic Water Infrastructure

For $560 USD, we’re able to build a taanka or a khadin, each of which will provide families with years of use.

A Family’s Future

Each family that we support has two school-aged daughters. For $1,900 USD, we can make it possible for the girls to go to school, for their mothers to increase incomes, and for their whole family to have improved access to clean water and nutritious food.

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Double Your Donation Value

Thanks to a generous match from the Richa & Atul Aggarwal Family Foundation,every $1 you donate to OneProsper becomes $2! That means the value of your donation is automatically doubled at no additional cost to you. This matching program won’t last forever — take advantage of it now by donating today.

Meet the Girls

Read the stories of some of the girls whose lives have been changed by the
generosity of our donors:

Automate Monthly Donations

Automatic recurring donations allow you to continuously support OneProsper without remembering to visit our website regularly. And they provide us with reliable funding, allowing us to expand our programs over time. Consider selecting the “monthly recurring” option when making your donation.

Ask Your Company to Match Your Gift

Crowdfunding is a wonderful way to grow your donation. By sharing your passion for supporting OneProsper, you can inspire your friends and family to give as well. Set up a fundraiser on Facebook, or post about our mission and your gift to your preferred social network.

Inspire Your Friends & Family to Give

Many employers sponsor programs to match charitable contributions made by their employees. Gifts from employees’ spouses or partners and company retirees may even qualify for a match. Search for OneProsper International intheir database, or ask your employer if they offer this!

More Ways to Give

Send a Check or Money Order

Checks and money orders
should be made payable to
OneProsper International
and mailed to:
405 Davis Court
Apt 2501
San Francisco, CA 94111

Create a Donor- Advised Fund

DAFs allow tax-advantaged
investments in your
favorite nonprofit.
OneProsper is eligible to
receive donations
through a privately-created
DAF or one managed by
brokerage firms, such as
Vanguard or Charles Schwab.
Ask your financial
advisor for more

Leave a Legacy: Planned Giving

Planned gifts are allocated
now, but distributed at a
future date through a will,
trust, or life insurance. Making
a planned gift allows you to
support OneProsper while also
preserving the freedom to
pursue your personal financial
goals and objectives.

You Can Change a Girl’s Future

Our work depends on you. Every donation makes a difference, whether an individual gives $10 or a corporation sponsors an entire family.

We are also in need of volunteers to keep our work going.
Visit the How to Help page for more information.

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