Sita & Jamuna


After grade 8, both 17-year-old Jamna and 16-year-old Sita dropped out of school to help their mother with gathering water.

Jamna and Sita love to study and dedicate as much time as possible to studying at home each day. Their mother hopes that Jamna and Sita will be able to resume their education and continue their studies.

Thanks to generous donations from Kathryn Tremblay and The Richa & Atul Aggarwal Foundation, they will soon be able to!

Their family will receive a rainwater harvesting tank in January 2018 which will provide water for 9 months. After the water has been depleted, the tank can be refilled from pond water. Jamna and Sita will also receive a bicycle, school supplies and tuition to attend school.

As a result, the sisters will be able to complete school and pursue college. Stay tuned for more updates on Jamna and Sita.

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