Like many other girls in the Thar Desert, Shanti wakes up at 5:00 am to help her mother collect water and feed their livestock. This 13-year-old girl would love to attend school and aspires to be [...]



Vimla lives with her parents, grandmother, and 5 sisters. Although she is only 7 years old, Vimla helps her mother collect water and feed their goats instead of going to school. However, she [...]



Unlike her elder brother who is studying in college, 15-year-old Sarita must help the family collect water and feed their livestock since she is the eldest daughter. Sarita’s mother Naina Devi [...]


Phooli and Puja

Phooli and Puja, who are 12 and 10 years old, live in the Thar Desert with their parents and siblings. Like most girls in the Thar Desert, Phooli and Puja begin their day at 5:00 am to help their [...]


Seema and Guddi

Seema and Guddi are 9 and 6 year old sisters; both are described as having shy and sweet dispositions. Their mother, Imarti Devi, emphasized that she was unable to attend school because it was [...]


Puja and Sarita

Unfortunately, for 13-year-old Puja and 9-year-old Sarita, school is simply not an option due to time-consuming chores like walking 5-7 hours to collect water. However, with your support, Puja [...]

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