Seema and Guddi


Seema and Guddi are 9 and 6 year old sisters; both are described as having shy and sweet dispositions. Their mother, Imarti Devi, emphasized that she was unable to attend school because it was not an option for girls in her community when she was growing up.

Nevertheless, Imarti Devi wants Seema and Guddi to pursue their education and eventually complete college rather than walking long distances to collect water.

With your support, Imarti Devi will receive a rainwater harvesting tank and biosand filter which will provide clean water for 9 months. Seema and Guddi will also receive a bicycle, school supplies and tuition. As a result, Seema and Guddi will be able to focus on their studies and then pursue college. Imarti Devi will also receive training to plant a garden using the Khadin method which will enable their family to have more nutritious food and higher incomes.

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