Nakthu & Pushpa


16 and 13 year old Nakthu and Pushpa both want to pursue college, but cannot due to having to collect water. They wake up at 5:00 am to walk several kilometers in the blazing heat for four hours to collect water from a pon. Afterwards, they help feed the family’s livestock.

Even though they have so many chores, Nakthu and Pushpa always make time to study in the evening.

Thanks to the support of donors Ramesh Aggarwal and Richa & Atul Aggarwal Foundation, Nakthu and Pushpa will be able to pursue their dreams.

Once their rainwater harvesting tank has been completed, the family will be able to store water for 9 months of the year. As a result, Nakthu and Pushpa will be able to attend school and focus on continuing their education. Nakthu and Pushpa will each receive a bicycle, school supplies and tuition for attending school. In addition, their family will receive training to plant a garden using the khadin method which uses rainwater for agriculture.

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