What We Do

A holistic solution for complex issue

We recognize that a girl in India faces many obstacles before she can earn an education. OneProsper takes a holistic approach to solve the crisis in female literacy.

We give her time.

In the Thar Desert, India’s poorest girls must spend up to seven hours a day collecting water. We build a rainwater harvesting tank on site so that they get that time back.

We provide clean water.

Water-borne diseases resulting from drinking dirty water plague the children of the Thar Desert. We provide families with a 7-layer biosand filter to turn harvested rainwater into clean, potable water.

We show her respect.

Girls grow up in a culture where females are not valued. We inscribe each tank with the mother’s name to show her daughters that women are important.

We ensure nutrition.

Without good nutrition, girls don’t have energy to attend school. We provide seeds and farm training so the family can grow fruits and vegetables to supplement their diet.

We provide school supplies.

In addition to helping the family earn more money from farming; OneProsper pays for their daughter’s tuition, uniform, and school supplies.

We provide transportation.

Schools in rural areas are often far away from the girl’s home. OneProsper gives each girl a bicycle so that she can cover the distance in less time.

We grow family incomes.

Women in the Thar Desert grow millet for income. We build a Khadin (farming dyke) across their field, enabling them to leverage rainwater for irrigation and double crop yields and incomes.

Our innovative approach is changing lives

0 % Successful
Every sponsored girl has been able to start school and has the support she needs to continue until graduation.
0 % Dedicated
Thanks to the efforts of our volunteers, 100% of donated funds goes directly to supporting the girl and her family.
0 % Self-Sustaining
After the first year, the family becomes self-sufficient and can pay for their daughter's education with farming profits.

“OneProsper is a shining example of how people can make a positive difference in the lives of so many if they are just willing to take action and commit to change.”


Mr. John Gaurino

Past President of Coca-Cola Canada Limited

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