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Puja and Rekha

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Brad Feld
Richa & Atul Aggarwal Foundation

Pooja and Rekha (10)


Puja and Rekha, though only 7 and 5 years old, must walk long distances to collect water from a far away pond and help feed their goats and cows. These chores prevent Puja and Rekha from being able to devote their time adequately to attending school.

Thanks to the generous support of Brad Feld and Richa & Atul Aggarwal Foundation, Puja and Rekha’s family will soon have a rainwater harvesting tank with bio-sand filter. Also, the family will be able to plant a garden using the Khadin method. The Khadin method uses rainwater for agriculture.

As a result, Puja and Rekha will be able to go to classes and spend time in school. Furthermore, they will receive new bicycles, school supplies, and tuition.


Our Holistic Solution

Clean Water

OneProsper International will build a rainwater harvesting tank with bio-sand filter for Puja and Rekha’s family.  The tank will capture water during the summer monsoon and can be refilled with pond water.   This will enable Puja and Rekha to attend school rather than walk long distances to collect water.


OneProsper will provide Puja and Rekha with a bicycle, school supplies and tuition for attending school.

Food & Income Generation

Puja and Rekha’s family will receive training to setup a garden using Khadin cultivation. *

* A Khadin is an earthen bund that contains rainwater within an agricultural area.  A khadin is one of the most effective and sustainable methods for promoting crop growth in water-scarce regions.

Cost USD $ 1,760


Donor | Brad Feld $880
Match | Richa & Atul Aggarwal Foundation $880
Total $1,760


  • September 2017
  • Start Construction of Rainwater Harvesting Tank
  • January 2018
  • Complete Construction of Tank
  • January 2018
  • Plant Garden
  • February 2018
  • Start of School

    Our Guarantee

    100% of funds received through our website will be used for transforming the lives of girls in India.


    Akla Devi felt utterly helpless when her husband passed way two years ago. She manages to earn about $2 per day by working at nearby farms to provide for her 3 children. Pooja and Rekha, her daughters used to help her with water collection and household chores. Akla Devi was aware that these responsibilities were affecting Pooja and Rekha’s education but she was helpless to change the situation.

    Now, thanks to the construction of a brand new taanka next to her home, Akla Devi’s family has clean water. A full tank (20,000 L) can meet the family’s needs for 7-8 months. Afterwards, the tank can be easily filled from pond water using a camel cart.

    Akla is very happy to have a Khadin which is an earthen wall across her field. The wall collects rainwater during the summer monsoon and percolates into the soil. Akla Devi will be able to double her income within one year by growing cereal grains like wheat and millet, as well as many nutritious vegetables and fresh fruits.

    Pooja and Rekha speak with great excitement about the day they received their brand new bicycles and school supplies. They aspire to hold government positions after completing their higher studies. Akla Devi and her family are so touched by everyone’s kindness and are thankful for the support they have received.

    You have the power to change the lives and futures of these girls, their families, and their communities.