Pooja & Hemu


Pooja and Hemu are the oldest of six siblings and therefore bear the responsibility of collecting water.

Although Hemu loves to study and spends one hour studying at home, she is unable to attend school. Their family does not have a substantial income as her father earns only $5 per day, so they rely on government subsidies, but necessities like wheat are frequently out of stock. In addition, the family does not have a water source, electricity, toilets or farmland. Hemu’s younger sisters are likely to follow in Hemu’s footsteps as they grow older.

But thanks to Roopa and Jaison Dolvane and the Richa & Atul Aggarwal Foundation, Pooja and Hemu will soon attend school and their family will have a nutritious and sustainable source of food and income through the khadin method.

Now that Pooja and Hemu and her sisters will be able to dedicate their full attention towards school, they are optimistic about their future.

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