Nirma & Hansa


Nirma and Hansa are siblings that live in the Hopardi village of Jodhpur district. Because their father passed away last year, their mother is devastated and worried about how she is going to care for the family. Nirma and Hansa have been doing extra work to help their mother — the girls help with the housework and trek in scorching heat to collect water.

Because of the generous support of donors Ramesh Aggarwal and Richa & Atul Aggarwal Foundation, their lives are about to change.

Their family will soon have their own rainwater harvesting tank, which will provide clean water for 9 months. In addition, the girls will each receive a bicycle, school supplies and tuition for school. Moreover, their family will receive training to setup a garden using the khadin method.

As a result, Nirma can continue studying to become a Hindi teacher, and Hansa, who loves learning math, can pursue her passion for teaching math.

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