Kavita & Pooja


Please note that Kavita and Pooja were not at home at the time this picture was taken.
Because her father was injured in an accident and she is the eldest of four siblings, 9-year-old Kavita helps her mother to collect water.

This means she must walk very far distances in hot desert winds and scorching summer heat. Because Kavita has to help her mother, she is not able to go to her classes on a regular basis.

Kavita is very keen to complete her education and then pursue college. Thanks to the generous support of Mahendra Agrawal, Neeti Agrawal and the Richa and Atul Aggarwal Foundation her future is looking brighter. Kavita and Pooja’s family will soon have a rainwater harvesting tank to provide clean water. In addition, they will have a vegetable garden to provide more nutritious food and income.

Kavita is very excited about going to school full-time!

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