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Steven Fantham


Daya lives in the Thar Desert with her parents and two siblings. Even though she is only 10 years old, she wakes up early to help her mother collect water and feed their goats and cows.

Daya is hopeful that she will be able to go school and study her favorite subject, Hindi.

With support from donors, Daya will be able to pursue her aspirations. Daya’s family will have access to clean water that is right outside their home. And, they will also learn how to plant vegetables and fruits using the Khadin method; which uses rainwater for agriculture. This will provide Daya’s family with clean water, nutritious food and higher incomes.


Our Holistic Solution


A taanka (rainwater harvesting tank) with built in bio-sand water filter will be built for Daya’s family. The taanka will capture water during the summer monsoon and can also be refilled from pond water. This will enable Daya to attend school rather than walk long distances to collect water.


Daya will receive a bicycle, schools supplies and tuition to attend school.

Food & Income

Daya’s family will receive training to setup a garden using Khadin* cultivation. By using Khadin cultivation, Daya’s family will be able to grow green vegetables and desert fruits including lemon and pomegranate. As a result, they will be able to consume more nutritious food and sell their surplus.

*The Khadin method is a 500 year-old practice that involves building a slope and using run-off rain water for agriculture. A bund at the base retains water for agriculture. This is one of the most effective and sustainable methods for promoting crop growth in water scarce regions.

Cost Break Down

Taanka $600
Bio Sand Water Filter $80
Bicycles (2) $140
School Supplies & Tuition $90
Training & Supplies for Garden $740
Field Staff Expense $150
Total (USD) $1,800


Building Taanka 4 months
Planting Garden 1 month
Providing School Supplies & Bicycles 1 month
Total 6 months
You will receive a Before and After progress update showing the transformational impact of your donation to Daya.

100% of your donation will be used for transforming the lives of girls in India.