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Usha & Jamna

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$2,200 required
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VMWare Foundation
Richa & Atul Aggarwal Foundation


13-year-old Usha and 9-year-old Jamna begin their day at 5:00 am to walk 5 hours to collect water for their family. After collecting water, Usha and Jamna help their mother feed their goats and cows and tend to their crops.

As a result, they are both unable to attend school. However, they are hopeful that they will one day be able to pursue their education. Jamna enjoys Hindi and Math in particular and aspires to become a doctor.

With your support, Usha and Jamna will be able to attend school and their family will have access to clean water and more healthy food. A rainwater harvesting tank will provide Usha and Jamna’s family with clean water for 9 months. Afterwards, the tank can be refilled from pond water. Usha and Jamna will both receive a bicycle, school supplies and tuition. In addition, their family will receive training to plant fruits and vegetables using the Khadin method.

As a result, Usha and Jamna will be able to complete their education and pursue their goals.


Our Holistic Solution

Clean Water

OneProsper is building a rainwater harvesting tank with bio-sand filter for Usha and Jamna’s family.  This will enable Usha and Jamna to attend school rather than collecting water.


Usha and Jamna will each receive a bicycle, school supplies, and tuition.

Food & Income

Usha and Jamna’s family will receive training to plant a garden using the Khadin method.*

* A Khadin is an earthen bund that contains rainwater within an agricultural area.  A khadin is one of the most effective and sustainable methods for promoting crop growth in water-scarce regions.

Cost CAD $ 2,200


Donor | VMWare Foundation $1,100
Match | Richa & Atul Aggarwal Foundation $1,100
Total $2,200


  • September 2017
  • Start Construction of Rainwater Harvesting Tank
  • January 2018
  • Complete Construction of Tank
  • January 2018
  • Plant Garden
  • February 2018
  • Start of School


    Teejo Devi has 4 girls and 2 boys. She explains that previously she was struggling to provide her children with drinking water and food. Her children would frequently fall ill as a result of drinking contaminated water.

    Thanks to the construction of her brand new taanka, her family has clean water. The water is stored in an underground tank and remains cool in the summer. A full take can provide her family with water for 7-8 months. Afterwards, the tank can be filled from pond water. The taanka has resulted in a significant improvement in her children’s health.

    Teejo Devi’s daughters Jamna and Usha radiate happiness while talking about their school and explaining today’s lesson. They both commute to school by bicycle because their school is 7-8 km from their home. Teejo wants her daughters to make the most of the life changing opportunity that they have received. She would like them to get good jobs in the government or administrative services. Teejo Devi takes care of all the household work and encourages her daughters to focus on their studies. She is so happy that now her daughters can dream of a bright future and will be able to realize their dreams through their own efforts.

    You have the power to change the lives and futures of these girls, their families, and their communities.