Empower a small farmer and change lives


Our Vision - We Can End Hunger In Our Lifetime


Rainwater Harvesting Tank

The Thar Desert is one of the most impoverished regions of India. People face malnutrition and vitamin deficiency. Water is so scarce it must be harvested in rainwater harvesting tanks.


Drip Irrigation Kit

Drip irrigation delivers small amounts of water directly to the plant root; resulting in more crop per drop.



Small farmers adopting drip irrigation increased their incomes by 50-70% within one harvest. As a result, they are able to feed their children more nutritious food and spend more on their education.


100% of donations go towards funding small farmers with drip irrigation kits. Our organizational costs are funded by foundations, corporations and private donors.


"OneProsper is a shining example of how people can make a positive difference in the lives of so many if they are just willing to take action and commit to change."

Mr. John Guarino
President of Coca-Cola Refreshments Canada


OneProsper's Changemakers' Conference - Living Arts Centre, Mississauga. For info & ticket purchase visit here . Any questions email: arsh@oneprosper.org Please note: This conference is being rescheduled.


$1.20 per each case of Everland Coconut Water is donated to OneProsper.

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