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Crowdfunding girls to change their lives and futures


According to a report by McKinsey & Company, India will have the highest deficit between demand and supply of water by 2030. As groundwater rapidly declines, your donation helps build rainwater harvesting tanks to captures water during summer monsoons.


There’s nothing more these girls want than to go to school, receive an education, and help elevate their families and communities out of poverty. Your donation helps make their dreams come true, changing their lives and brightening their futures.

Food & Nutrition

Sustainably growing organic, nutritious food keeps the girls fed, their families thriving, and their futures secured. Your donation helps teach girls, families, and their communities drought-resistant, drip-irrigation farming practices for lasting, tasty nourishment.



beneficiaries to date


families helped


1st batch rainwater tank completion

JAN 2018


What we’ve done to date and the milestones we’ll be hitting in the near future

2011 – 2017

  • Provided 340 women in India with drip irrigation systems, enabling them to more grow vegetables with less water

MAR 2017

  • Enabled 40 women in the Thar Desert of India to grow organic pomegranate with drip irrigation; the pomegranate plants will bear fruit after 3 years

AUG 2017

  • Funded project to bring transformative change to 60 underprivileged girls in the Thar Desert

SEP 2017

  • Started construction of rainwater harvesting tanks for 30 families (60 girls)

JAN 2018

  • Completion of rainwater harvesting tanks for 30 families (60 girls)
  • Planting vegetable and fruits for 30 families
  • Provide 60 girls with bicycles, school supplies and tuition for school
  • Girls start school rather than walking long distances to collect water

FEB 2018

  • Provide update on beneficiaries
“OneProsper is a shining example of how people can make a positive difference in the lives of so many if they are just willing to take action and commit to change.”
Mr. John Gaurino
Past President of Coca-Cola Canada Limited