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1. Where We Work


1.1 Why the Thar Desert of Rajasthan, India?

The Thar Desert is facing the extreme effects of climate change. Groundwater is rapidly declining resulting in lower crop yields. Malnutrition and vitamin deficiency are increasing. In Rajasthan, 20.4% of children under 5 suffer from wasting and 7.3% suffer from severe acute malnutrition.


1.2 How many beneficiaries in the Thar Desert has OneProsper supported?

In 2013-14, OneProsper provided drip irrigation kits to 80 women small farmers. Beneficiaries setup kitchen gardens of plot size 50′- 70′. As a result, beneficiaries have increased their family nutrition. In 2015-16, OneProsper provided drip irrigation kits and rainwater harvesting tanks to 20 additional women small farmers of plot size 0.60 acres. As a result, beneficiaries have increased their family nutrition and incomes by selling their surplus.


2. The Cost


2.1 What is the cost of supporting one beneficiary?

The cost for supporting a woman beneficiary in the Thar Desert of India to grow organic pomegranate with drip irrigation and rainwater harvesting is $2,100.  This includes drip irrigation system of plot size 0.60 acres, rainwater harvesting tank (21,000 L capacity), 100 pomegranate saplings, organic fertilizer and pesticide, training, field support and reporting


3. Donation


3.1 Will I get a receipt for income tax purposes?



3.2 Does 100% of my donation go to fund drip irrigation projects?

Yes, 100% of funds raised through our website go to fund drip irrigation projects after credit card processing fees.OneProsper is currently a voluntary staffed organization and relies on the support of other donors to fund administration expenses.

If I make a donation to a specific beneficiary, will the funds go to the beneficiary that I select?

In most cases, OneProsper provides the selected beneficiary with drip irrigation and rainwater harvesting. In some cases, for reasons outside of our control, it is not possible to support a selected beneficiary. For example, one of our beneficiaries had to travel to a major city to admit his infant son to a hospital. More typically, beneficiaries leave their village in search of employment or to visit relatives in another village. In such cases, we will support another beneficiary in the same village.